What are best ways that help to get a high PR

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    Hi guys.

    I wanted to make this question to you guys maybe some of you can tell me more about this.

    Does ******** Blog Commenting in High PR pages help increasing PR.

    If not can u explain me which are the best ways to get a higher PR

    Thanks and Regards
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    The best way to get higher PR is to get links from high PR sites....either a few high ones or lots of lower PR ones. The PR passed through a link is roughly equal to the PR of the original page divided by how many outgoing links are on that page....a rough estimate to a link worth. 1 link, on a PR 10 page, that only has 1 outgoing link being the ultimate...and that link being do-f011ow. A link on a PR0 page with thousands of outgoing links being the worst. The higher up that scale a link is the more value it is for helping you rank, and getting a higher PR.
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    In PR game it is definitely quality vs quantity besides many (like 100s) links in short time can actually lower your SERP or even get your site sandboxed. Speaking from experience, few high PR links worth more then 100 or even 1k of low PR links. Posting blog comments is good even if it wont increase your PR it will definitely helps your SERP as PR and SERP is not the same fruit. Try to post comments on high PR blogs and the most important those blogs must be related to your niche! Having many links from unrelated blogs will decrease your SERP. Within the years I've noticed that even position of comment matters, if you one of the first who's commented for some reasons it works better for PR and SERP, posting comment number 2k and one does not give much of a juice.
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