What are 2.0's and can I spam my link-wheel sites without any bad effect?

Discussion in 'Link Building' started by krzysiekz, Sep 29, 2010.

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    Hi guys,

    Right now I have a website, that I am trying to dominate on local search. I am currently on result #8 on first page of google for this low-competition keyword.

    I am slowly building links to it with SB. I made another site like this but screwed it up because I ordered a XR blast before it pretty much got indexed... yes, we're all idiots sometimes :p

    Anyway, I have been reading a little about these ideas of link wheels. And from what I understand, it is the idea of having your money site in the middle, and having all sorts of sites pointing to your money site and all being interlinked together.

    My questions:

    - If I make a web 2.0 site, such as a FB account or Twitter account, how do I get this to work for me in terms of links? Do I just make a tweet with my money site URL In it and then later I just use scrapebox to build backlinks TO THE Twitter account/profile/tweet? Is that how it works? Or do I just make 1 x tweet with my money site URL and then leave it without building backlinks to it?

    If I do link to the web 2.0's, do they get sandboxed too? Does this have a bad effect on my main money site?

    - If I get an article, submit it to Ezine and some others with a link in the article or whatever pointing to my money site, and then I spam links to that article, won't it get in a sense 'sandboxed' and thus bring down the money site that it is pointing to?

    And finally, what is more powerful. Just building direct links from blogs/forums to my money site, or actually getting them to point to articles/web 2.0's which then later point to my actual money site?

    Thank you for your help!
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    >being interlinked together.
    Firstly I wouldn't recommend interlinking them, especially not in a wheel. If you must do it, make it random and natural.

    >FB account or Twitter account
    Those are not what are commonly referred to as Web2.0 sites. That is more like hubpages, wordpress.com blog, squidoo, blogspot, etc. etc.

    Yes, make the 2.0 site and link to your money site, backlink the 2.0 sites with SB and other links.

    Sites get sandboxed, not urls.
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