What approach would you take? OFFLINE Marketing help

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by gpgip, Jun 4, 2012.

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    i have 2 sites that are rank number one in my city for (city + niche) keywords this is a high paying healthcare niche... just wondering now that i have the sites ranks, would you suggest i cold call or email i have no problem with either or, just not sure what to say other than i have the number one site do you want it, if you do this and have previous experience im open to hearing your thoughts and how you approach your leads.... thanks
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    Cold calling might work, but I would suggest you try and make appointments with them because they are close to you. Or just pitch up at their office. Setup a Monthly Subscription and list these places to your site. Making it easy for you to list them at a lower cost per month proving to them that you do get traffic and you are listed number one!! Also you can ask them to ask their clients to tell them where did they find them. and if your site is mentioned then you have a client for live = passive income. Also consider selling them banner ads or similar. Provide them with 1 month free advertising to prove that they can get clients from the site.