what am i missing here?

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    linklicious shows my backlinks were crawled when i submitted the links. the pages holding my backlinks show up on google search and i do see my backlinks sitting on those pages. ive tried 4 different backlink checkers and they all show zero bl's for all 3 sites and the 4 vid's. also, serps evidence would suggest that i dont have any backlinks to my sites.

    i put more information below. if any of you could enlighten me, i would greatly appreciate it!


    sorry for long post. frustrated as all hell! i do as much research as i can on anything i do IM related and i always run into these stupid little hiccups. :(

    i made three micro niche sites about 2 months ago and also 4 unrelated youtube videos about 2 weeks ago and i cant get any of the backlinks to index (i think).

    over the past months, ive submitted the bl's to linklicious two times ($15 plan that say 100% crawl rate), and to other ping sites like pingfarm and such several times (even index king for some of them).
    traffic travis, seo spyglass and other tools that ive checked all show that i have 0 backlinks to my sites. i also have 5 articles on each site.

    this is what i bought for each of the sites. I bought these a few days after i made the site, so about 2 months ago
    site 1: 10+ edu -fivver gig + 1000 article submits -fiverr gig
    site 2: 10+ edu -fivver gig + high PR bl's -fiverr gig
    site 3: 10+ edu -fivver gig + web 2.0 bl's -fiverr gig

    the same goes for my videos. i bought each of the 4 videos a 600 bookmarking fiverr gig. linklicious'ed and pinged them a few times and all four still show 0 backlinks. also, i haven't budged in the serps since day 3 (after i put my viewet views on them) and not at all with my sites. my traffic travis is working by the way. i crossed check it with other backlink checkers to be sure.

    all the gigs i bought had 1000+ sales and great ratings.
    all sites are going up against very easy competition. site 1 was at #40 for 7 weeks, then went to #80 recently. site 2 and 3 have never cracked the top 1,000.

    ive been pinging the links and even the links to the links with no luck.

    also...this is why im stumped...i checked a few links on my linklicious "live links" feed and confirmed that they are indexed in google and also confirmed that my site is on that page.

    so what the frick?
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    The backlink checkers are only updated once a month or so, but if they're indexed in google, you're good to go.

    I wouldn't worry more about it.