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    hi, im a noob need some guidance on ranking. ok i set up my site a few months ago but don't seem to get ranked no1 for my url or top 1000 for my chosen keywords. ive tried a lot of things. I just need to know if im doing something wrong here or whether i need some patience. at the moment ive done this (i might have forgotten to list a few things but this about sums it all up):
    h1 - chosen keyword (1 per page)
    anchored and non-anchored backlinks (using things like comment kahuna and random postings)
    a few fiver gigs (edu, gov, link wheel, profile backlinks)
    alt tags - chosen keyword (1 per page)
    meta tag and description - used my keywords and main description (thinking of changing each description to complement each page)
    words - 200-400 (although some are duplicate, because of the nature of my service i might change this later once i have enough time)
    regularly check google webmaster tools

    I'm completely at lost to what to do now, please if anyone tell me if theres something wrong (if anything). below is my site and please feel free to ask me additional question thanks in advance :D:

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    Your site is awful, sorry to say that.
    The design - sucks, text is unreadable. Amateur stuff.
    Facebook pop-up - is that really the way to get some business ? Is that what you want your potential clients to see as a first thing ?

    How about you start all over with wordpress ? And no flash/animation bullshit, just text and well copy writed one.
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    You need to do a lot of research, use the search button. That's how we all learned about SEO.

    A couple of tips:
    1. edu, gov, link wheel, profile backlinks - these are not really working nowadays
    2. use 500+ word copyscape proof articles
    3. never use webmaster tools or analytics unless you go 100% whitehat

    Good luck.