What am I doing wrong here? Clickbank + Youtube


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Apr 2, 2013
Hey everyone,

I have a good amount of experience with CPA and selling on eBay but this week I figured I would try something new and play around with clickbank and youtube. I got a nice review video about a popular health product on clickbank and ended up ranking pretty well for it. I targeted health niche itself, not the product, is this the way to go? Or should I be promoting the product itself and ranking for the product?

Also, I didn't make a landing page, I just put a link in the description to the clickbank landing page video...

In doing this I am up to 270 hops with 26 order form impressions, but 0 sales. I don't like to judge traffic with small sample sizes but does this seem out of the ordinary? I have no idea what conversion rates to expect since I have never messed with clickbank before.

When I looked up other landing pages, they basically were selling the item with a button on the page saying "order now", yet if you put your link there, they would have to watch a video on the product page trying to sell the item to them again. This makes no sense to me...

If anyone has any words of advice, please let me know!

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