What age is everyone?

now 37 .... started SEO + Delphi and Drinking beers at 18 :/

Also found my wife :) 18

Financially i am more stable than healthwise.. now i have IBS / Cholesterol etc lol

Stay healthy brother
Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind getting older, then it really doesn’t matter.
SEO is prefect in your age. Learn and grow fast

What do you mean i assume i am already on mid age lol! 37 is not that much younger.

now i don't feel to spend hours and hours inside vpss tweaking gsa ser and monitoring all the numbers bla bla.. but i still do.. :( but now i want to be a youtuber and travel around lol...

with seo i earn decent money but i am super busy honestly (even after automation i am busy with automation lol)
You just think that it is old but its not. You are still very young so keep your head up and work hard to make money for your future family :)
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