What advise would you give yourself when you started with this?

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    Imagine that you could go back in time, when you first started out with internet marketing and tell yourself exactly where to start and what to do. What would you tell yourself to do?
    Or another way of putting it: If you had all your knowledge you have now: What would you do?

    What would you tell yourself to do? Where would you start? :)
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    What would I do?

    I would have told myself.. to do something, because I did nothing and lost it all and then lost some more..

    I don't really like talking about it or bringing up 3 years ago but I started studying internet marketing/making money online and I was too lazy to try anything.. I was dead broke and I didn't have time to waste with methods that wouldn't work so instead of taking a risk and trying something, I did nothing and lost every thing.

    Even when you have a lot at steak, never do nothing.

    Just a quick few tips though:

    - Do not buy e-books.. they're all garbage.. that's the owner of the product's way of making money.

    - Do not ever visit DP.. you will lose braincells and you will probably as a newbie be tempted to buy the crap they sell there.. just don't do that.

    - If you have no money to invest.. be prepared to work like a mofo.. it is hard.. if you have no money to outsource work to or to set up a system in place, making money for free is a royal pain in the ass, specially as a newbie.

    - Your business/method will never be perfect.. You have to set a specific mindset if you want to be successful in this business.. your business is never perfect and can always need improving. The internet is constantly changing and so should your methods be to adapt to it.

    - Stickies are king.. along with content being king, the stickies of this forum are king as well. They have a ton of information.

    - Pick something and stick with it. Don't try to bust into CSing/E-whoring/Article Marketing/E-mail marketing/Etc/Etc all at once.. this sucks.. it really does.. I tried learning every thing at once when I first started and I just ended up running around in circles. Find a particular area, ask questions about it and stick with it.
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    some advice i would have given: