What ad network recommended?

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    Hi, this is not a spam or what.

    I am a member of this forum since like a year ago or so, been buying services at black hat world buy sell services corner etc ..

    Basically, i own 2 video entertainment sites with about 200,000 unique visitor daily.

    I currently not optimizing well with the existing networks I have are Burst Media,ValueClick Media & Rubicon Project, Game Advertising online.

    My site need more powerful network, i not sure what to use, i thought of using yield manager, but using them through 3rd party network like CPXinteractive or Meta network = revenue sharing which is not the best for my site.

    and yield manager are famous for malware spreading unless got virus scanner for ads before serving etc.

    Any black hatter can share your network recommendation?

    be it cpm or cpc, as long reputable, not some new ad network thou.

    Thanks. I not sure if i post at correct place thou.