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    hey guys, yesterday i sat in front of my pc i was just wondering why nobody yet develop a script (e.g. WP) that is fully automatic and once you set it up it runs/posts absolutely automatically. we all know about Caffeinated Content, Xrumer, PrStorm, Pligg Submitter etc. but they all still need manual work. how about if we save all this tensions and skip fixing the dates, links, source data, etc. yeah, it sounds crazy, but i guess the reason for that is may be the DMCA or so.

    anyway, it'll be great just let's say...make you pligg site, install the "dream script" set it up to get/grab info (e.g. digg, etc.), implement your AdSense code, enjoy your popcorn and forget about worries like... "How to make some more extra money online?".

    it's just an extra idea to all great coders and gurus in this wonderful website. i wish whomever do it he/she should be proud and meanwhile i will be more than happy to be the first one having it...for free :p
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    trust me im pretty sure someone out there has a tool like that its probably one of those things thats not shared or talked about in the public my suggestion to u is hire a programmer and tell them ur ideas
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    One of the nice things about this forum is that you can find like-minded people and combine your resources to first discuss what it is you would like to do, how you'll use it and then perhaps equally invest your money to have a coder make your creations a reality.

    Then it will only be a few of you who have access to this program and can maximize your profitability of your "dream script". The problem comes when you have one or more partners who decide they would rather sell the script and thus make it useless because then everyone has it and it saturates the market.

    Gurus are notorious for creating software that works for them and when it stops working for them they sell it to everyone else as the new "gee whiz can't miss" strategy, software, script that you need. They know because they've been using it for the last six months and it's made them a lot of money. Of course now Google and others have caught on and it's no longer useful but they can still scam the masses and sell them the useless strategy.

    Think like a guru. Find others who see your vision create your vision and use it to make money until it no longer works then sell it to the masses.

    Or you can do what one "guru" does, I think it's a Jermy something who creates software scripts that are buggy and don't work and gets hundreds of suckers to buy them at $500 so they can sell it to the masses. That may in fact be the ultimate "black hat" strategy creating software or scripts that sound good and sucker the masses into buying it.

    Why settle for $1 or $20 pay days when you can earn $97 a pop selling a fantasy?

    Just a thought... :D
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    as developer:
    there are 3 problems with such a script:
    1 - stuff changes, website forms etc
    2 - all the sites are going to look similar, leaving footprints making easier to get banned
    3 - you can not make experiences, to see what results best

    but on the other hand it wouldn't be impossible to make.
    I'm working a very powerful cloaking system right now.
    I would like to hear from people what kind of features they would like and what bottle necks they encounter when working with +100 sites etc

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    There are some very cool and powerful scripts out there but the creators of such scripts are keeping secret for now. I don't have such a script.
    If this script exists, the coder will make his 10,000 a month from it for a few years until it stops making that much money. When income drops to around $2000 a month then it will be repackaged and offered for sale to everyone for between $97 to $297.