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[WH Method]: How to Build a Twitter Account and Gain Real Followers From Scratch

Discussion in 'Twitter' started by PremiumNetwork, Nov 8, 2018.

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    Nov 8, 2018
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    Hi, first of all i'm new here and I know it's probably unusual to post WH methods here.. I suppose that some of you would like to know how to build a WH Twitter account from scratch and find out what the easiest way to do so. It took me a long time to learn this method, and I hope it can help someone.

    Twitter is one of the most popular social networks in the world - it's where important news breaks, links go viral, and memes are born.
    Building your own Twitter account for a money site/service provider/PBN nowadays is mandatory and the best WH technique to do it is simple - Tips and Tricks.

    If you want to build a twitter account from scratch follow these rules:
    1. Make a nice logo and a cover image - keep it clean, make sure your profile page looks professional and legitimate.
    2. Your profile description should mention who you are and what you do. Make sure to include any other relevant highlights and advantages you may have.
    3. Stick to your niche - if it's not a personal account you should stick to your niche, it's the best way to gain followers that are interested in your topics.
    4. Don't spam - your followers are not influenced by the amount of tweets you make but rather by the quality. You can gain 100 followers in under 20 tweets if you know how to tweet quality content.
    5. Follow and followers ratio - search for Twitter accounts in the same niche and start following them, You can use a bot or do this manually. I like to follow 4 new accounts every day and give them 48 hours to follow me back. If they don't follow me, I unfollow them.
    6. Follow your followers ASAP - I lost a few followers because I didn't follow my followers back in 24 hours. Keep up to date with who is following you and return follows quickly.
    7. Likes - like your followers' tweets - f you like someones tweet they are likely to return a like and possibly retweet your tweets.

    The best and easiest way to create good content, gain retweets and likes:

    I've found this method works best for me, gaining me at least 50 real followers every month - all with less than five minutes daily investment.

    The secret is - Tips.

    Share lots and lots of good tips related to your niche.

    For example - your money site niche is "Fashion and Jewelry", search for the best general tips for your niche on Google and create a list of tips. Usually the following queries on Google will do the job -
    "[NICHE] tips", "best [NICHE] tips and tricks", "[NICHE] ideas and tips".

    Create an Excel spreadsheet with tips and titles and keep it simple and concise - there is no need for excessively wordy tips and ideas. Make sure the tips you choose work for everyone. Don't limit your tips to micro-subjects; think big in order to to appeal to the largest audience possible. Make sure to choose only the best tips, remember - quality matters.

    Pro Tip
    Limit your tips to 30-40 words. Twitter is a high frequency "scroll-down" social media site. Every tip should be clear, concise, and to the point.

    How to display your tips:
    This is the tricky part. If you tweet the tips with basic text - most people would ignore the tweet immediately, especially if you are building a new Twitter account from scratch. The best method I found to publish tips is to create an image with text overlays.

    Image Tips:
    1. Use a wide layout or a square layout - image size: wide - 1024 × 512 , square 512× 512 (width X height).
    2. Search for high quality background images that relates to the tip in one of the free for commercial use images search engines (Pexels, Pixabay, Unsplash and many more..)
    3. Add gradient layer to darken or lighten the background image.
    4. If your background is light make sure the text is dark and the other way around.
    5. Center the text.
    6. Be consistent, make sure the tip layout and text templates stay the same with each tip you publish.
    7. Add a small logo to the image.

    Pro Tip
    Run out of tip ideas? Google search for "Fun Facts [Niche]"

    Tips template tweet, frequency and URLs
    Use the following template for tweeting the tips/fun facts:

    Fun Fact / Did you know that / [Niche] Tips: TIP TITLE
    #relatedhashtag #relatedhashtag #relatedhashtag #relatedhashtag TIP IMAGE

    I usually publish 2-4 tips a week (ratio of 2 tips per url I tweet). The more tips you publish the more followers you gain.

    Final Pro Tip
    Try to create tips related to trending subjects, and publish them with a trending related hash tag.

    That's it! Follow this guide and gain real followers quickly and easily.
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