We’ve lowered prices for Official Branded Headphones Beats by Dre, Bose, Sony, Ludacris...

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    ​Hello every one,

    I own a company that works with original Headphones distribution centers and Factories. We can provide you officials branded headphones (like Beats by Dre, Bose, Sennheiser, Soul by Ludacris, Audio Technica, Sony, etc... just to name few of them) with the best retail/wholesale price.
    We provide all the headphones with 1 year warranty.
    Each order will be shipped by DHL and will reach the customer's door within 3-5 working days.
    Working with our company means:
    -We handle the warranty of all products for 1 year.
    -100% customer's satisfaction
    -Upon request, we can provide an invoice for you for each transaction made
    -Our company work directly with factories skipping the distribution network, in order to offer the best competitive price possible on the market.

    As said, we have lowered our prices down 10-30%, here the new ones:
    ***BEATS BY DRE***
    Beats Studio Black/White: 150$
    Beats Studio Colors: 160$
    Beats Solo HD: 110$
    Beats Pro: 195$
    Beats Detox: 220$
    Beats MixR: 165$
    Beats Tour ControlTalk: 80$
    iBeats: 80$
    HeartBeats: 70$
    PowerBeats: 90$
    Beats Bluetooth: 165$

    Bose QuietComfort 15: 185$
    Bose AE2: 120$
    Bose Mie2i: 100$

    SL150: 160$

    Sennheiser HD448: 55$
    Sennheiser ie8i: 110$
    Sennheiser ie8: 85$

    Akg K450: 65$
    Akg K420: 55$
    Akg K430 White: 60$
    Akg K430 Silver: 70$
    Akg Q460: 90$
    Akg K414: 50$
    Akg K324P: 55$
    Akg IP2: 50$

    ATH-FC700: 50$
    ATH-M50. 95$

    Sony MDR-V6: 65$
    Sony MDR-7506: 80$
    Sony MDR-7509 HD: 90$
    Sony XB700: 70$
    Sony MDR-EX300LP: 45$

    Turbine Pro Copper Professional: 100$
    Turbine Pro Gold Audiophile: 80$
    Turbine: 70$
    iSport Immersion: 90$
    Miles David Trumpet: 90$

    Depending on the quantity, we will offer more discounts. :clap2:
    Pm me including your email address in the message for price list and info or skype me at the following contact: valkhyria.jordy
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    New arrivals.
    For info, PM me or skype me at valkhyria.jordy