Westy's Journey of $2,000/month over Summer!

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    Hello! Thank you for stopping by and checking out my journey.. I really appreciate it ;)

    As mentioned, I have a journey of making $2,000 a month, over the next three months. That being May 21st-August 21st. Why this figure you ask? Well, I am a college student who happens to be fortunate enough to not have to pay for my college. HOWEVER, I still have some bills that need to be paid. On top of that, last year over summer I made $2,600 or so working an 11-5 (not too long of hours but I wanted more) throughout the summer weekdays..... I don't want that life. I want something that is more enjoyable for me (marketing, IM, anything business) besides sitting at a desk saying, "Thank you for calling ____ how may I help you?"

    About Me-

    - College student (marketing/management majors), 20 years old, USA.
    - Ambitious
    - Self-educated; If I don't know what something is, I will find out.
    - Motivated towards success

    The big thing however that got me into BHW was a friend, fellow high-school friend of mine. He was a guy who was always smart in terms of the business side of things. We had several classes together, and one that was a computer class. I would always see him online and doing stuff for web developing, so when i was into my twitter thing this November, I simply messaged him saying, "Hey, I know you are like a genius at web design and you've made some money off of that in HS.. Are you still doing that? I was thinking about getting into it!" His response to me.."Hey man, nah I stopped with the whole web design gig I had. It was nice in high school and I made some decent money. Now I have gotten into other internet marketing things.... I am projected to make 7-figures this year actually." :eek: I was shocked. I believed him 90% due to him being a good friend of mine, but I had my doubts....... Until he showed me his earnings for the month for one of his YT + CPA gigs he was doing. I was astounded. He did some YT+CPA that he pretty much just monopolized for his certain niche, and I don't know if that was just luck, or whatever.... but he is rolling in the dough. ANYWAYS, that's how I got into it.... ON TO THE JOURNEY


    My JOURNEY!!!!

    As mentioned, I am knowledgeable in a few things, but generally have a clue and taste what most things are in terms of IM. I am not anywhere near knowledgeable enough to just crank it out and do everything, but through using guides on here, as well as my resources (the biggest search engine we love), I am confident I can figure out how to do things.

    My Skill Set:
    - Social Marketing
    - Offline Marketing (Nothing SEO, or online related in a way.)
    - Content Writing
    - Sales
    - Drop-shipping <-- I've experimented with Amzon + eHappy, but I haven't decided whether to commit towards this.
    - Other convenient things that can make me money.

    Current Plan/Action:
    Seeing as I don't have lots of money to invest into drop-shipping with the way that I do it, I need to get some funds available to me to further my drop-shipping gig.

    -I plan to start offering a service here, and fiverr, and any other website I can think of, of creating professional business card designs for that certain person/company. I have Photoshop knowledge, and I am pretty creative :):). This will not bring in a lot of money, but like I said, it is something that will bring in some.

    -I plan on working with golf courses (I'm a golfer, love the sport, am a college athlete and golf for my university.) selling older products which they have in their storage. Usually country clubs & golf shops only sell top-of-the-line clubs and clothes, and just leave the rest of the models from previous years to go to secondary stores for dirt cheap prices. They sell their clubs (some new, some used) for 60% less then what I could be getting them. My plan? Go to the courses, obtain the inventory, list on eHappy, my own website for golf which I currently have, and CL. I will tell them for every club I sell that you would just 'THROW AWAY'(pretty much), I get 20-25% commission. I currently am working on a blog + content site w/ YT videos that will be featuring the clubs that I have in stock and am selling.

    -I plan on doing the good 'ol landscaping business I can start up. $40 for like 2-4 hours of work on a nice summer day if I am bored, why not? Cut some grass, trim some bushes, yaknow.. the usual!!! Advertise via non-BHW ways, just get bonus money for extra IM capital :)

    Suggestions on what I should get into? Comments? I'm all ears! Thanks for checking out my post!

    - C
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    Right next to SB
    best wishes on your journey....
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    Good luck with this!

    Just stick to one idea and work work work...
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    Good luck with your journey mate :) Just try to work on a single method at a time, and then move onto a different method otherwise you'll end up doing nothing besides wasting your time!
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