We're getting Married!


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May 19, 2009
On Jan 15!.... It's not going to be a big wedding or anything, hell it may not even be in a church, but it's going to be fun!

Jason and I, after 2.5 years, are going to tie the knot...

Yeah, and after much much arguing.. :D Yeah, he has never been married, nor had he planned on it... LMAO, I got him now :D

If any of our fellow bh'ers that live in the TX (or hell other regions if you are getting a hotel room) want to come, we would love to have you....

We hope in the season of giving, that anyone that has a significant other (and aren't married) considers the ultimate gift of love to their other...

And if you are already married, we suggest that you turn to your significant other and tell them how much you love them (if you still do ;)) and how much they mean to you.

Hope that you all have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Jason and Amanda
I congratulate the both of you, I would say it is the best time of your life's, but Jason once that ring is on your finger, your life as you know it will be over, trust me as a married man myself I know :D

I am only joking in all seriousness I hope you both have a fantastic wedding and may your future together always be bright and happy.

All the Best
hey! way to go! i just got out of relationship myself, and am extremely lonely now during the holidays so your true ultimate happiness is making my stomach curdle, my eyes water, and a massive rock of sorrow ball up right in the middle of my throat! congrats on your happiness, im going to jump out of this 14 story high window now - watch for me on the news, there might be a way to monetize my death. considering JV - PM
Thanks for all the nice replies, we really appreciate it...

Well except for the guy who's going to jump out of his building... That's not so nice.. :eek:

We hope that guy finds his love this year....
Congrats :) the below card is for Jason and you. Please click on the pic to see the card in action :)

Wish you a very happy married life :D
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