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Welcome To BHW - Things You Should Know

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by coreygeer, Jan 12, 2009.

  1. coreygeer

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    Oct 30, 2007
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    Welcome To BHW

    As a community we always appreciate new members to share our wealth and information with and the only thing we ask is that you learn and share the information you've gained in return. The goal and purpose of this post is to help keep this community a great source for information and to give you a good overview of how you can help keep this community, one of the best as a new member.

    FIRST OF ALL: Please take the time and effort to read through some of the rules to know what you CAN and CAN NOT do!

    The Official Forum Rules
    Get yourself familiar with the rules, because to be apart of this community, you have to follow them!

    If you plan on stealing another forum members work or group buying, I refer you to this:
    Stealing other forum members hard work and dedication is wrong and people who do have things stolen from then will be less inclined to share with the community and that's what makes this place so great. If a product is worth it, then you would have no problem paying for it your damn self!

    The Shit List
    If there's a bad apple out there or something you should be aware of, it will more than likely be posted here.

    Things That WILL Get You Banned!

    If for what ever reason you need to get a hold of a mod, then you can view an available list of them here:
    Please try to read the rules or please do a little bit of research on the forum before you flood their inbox with PMs.

    Cookie Stuffing
    While this is a very valuable money making source, this is why BHW keeps it locked up to quality members.

    You must have been an active forum member for one month and have made 50 QUALITY posts.

    What Makes BHW So Valuable?
    The information shared by it's members is so unbelievable valuable. We have people who type up great threads you can find in any of the sections who do it just for the pleasure of giving back to the community. It is only here that you will find people doing selfless good deeds.

    We constantly weed out people who try to make the community look bad or people who ask for things and in return give nothing.


    Ok, so this actually happens quite a lot and I'm going to warn you now so you don't get banned. This is an amazing community with a lot to offer and there is absolutely NO REASON that you would want to try to wrong the community or to get banned from it.. you will gain so much knowledge and information from just contributing and being a valuable member. Don't blow your chance at the greatest IM community on the web just for something fucking retarded.

    "How Do I Make Money Online"
    If you ask this question.. you are more than likely going to get banned. There is absolutely no reason that you should enter this forum and not take the time to read a few posts that might answer your question before asking such a simple question.

    The Wrong Way To Ask:
    "How Do I Make Money Online"

    The Right Way To Ask:
    "I Currently Do ******** And Would Like To Earn More Money With ******. How Can I Profit More Or Would Anyone Have Any Tips/Pointers For Me As I'm New To **********"

    Just blatantly asking how to make money online is annoying and it's a time waster for people to just point you to other threads. Now however, if you were to ask a specific question such as "How can I make more money with article marketing, I'm very new to this and this is what I'm currently doing...", people might be more inclined to help you out.

    Do you have the idea? Don't just jump into the forum and expect people to help you out or give you hand me downs with such simple questions, but instead be more specific and ask a direct question.

    "Will Someone Give Me Money/Will Someone Buy Me This"

    This is absolutely infuriating.. when I see people who are brand new to the forum who are asking for money.. or when people are asking for others to buy things for them. You are brand new.. if you don't have the money.. get off your ass and write a few articles.

    If there's a product worth buying or if there's a situation that desperately calls for cash, you will find a way to make the money or apparently you didn't need it that bad. It only pisses me off to see brand new people asking for this kind of stuff and perhaps if you are a major contributor to the forum and you have a great reputation and you are in a crisis or time of need, then others know you are trust-worthy and a great contributor and people will be inclined to help.

    It's that simple.. before asking questions or making a fuss over something that is probably answered, TAKE YOUR TIME.. READ THE STICKIES in the appropriate sections or just take a minute and refer to the rules. As a new member, we'd love to have you apart of this community and we look forward to seeing what you've learned from us and what you have to share.