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Sample sent. Please check your inbox folder.
Hey, Can I have a sample please ?

Hey, Can I have a samples please of various packages please ?

Looking really nice service , i will try out soon

sample sir, interested, need asap thanks

can i have a sample of a professional package ?

Hi, could you send me a sample please?
Still haven't received any update on the already delayed ETA, I would like one from you ASAP and the communication is very poor, I expect you to update me if there is any delay, I have contacted you multiple times already, you already took almost double the committed TAT. Just saying it would be delayed won't be enough. I see you are active on this forum but haven't replied to my PM asking for estimated time of delivery. I started to wonder if you even began working on it as I haven't seen a single change yet. If you can't deliver the website, I would like a refund.
I have gotten my site, thanks! It looks great. I'm going to tweak some things but it's a good value. Thanks again!
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