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Apr 19, 2009
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Hello, I have something weird about youtube videos with Market Samurai :

For example, with the "7 minute muscle" keyword, a Clickbank brand/product, there are 2 youtube videos on the first page of Google :

- this keyword has almost 2 millions results without quote.
- this keyword has no less than 268,000 results with quotes.

In the "SEO Competition" module of Market Samurai :

- one the #4, there is one youtube videos url with 4 Backlinks, 3 from PR0 websites and 1 from PR1 website !
- one the #5, there is one youtube videos url with 0 Backlinks !!!
- Yes, the both youtube pages are listed int the "Open Directory Project's Directory"
- Yes, The both are listed in the Yahoo! Directory
- The both have The keyword is in their title, description and head, but not in the url (because it is a Youtube url of course)
- The both pages have a PR0

- NO, Both has NO .gov/.edu backlinks

- And to finish:

1. the 1st video has almost 10,000 views, 5 stars rates, 16 comments and has been created 18 months ago.
2. And the second has 37,000 views, unauthorized rating, 5 comments and has been created 17 months ago.

Let imagine that for the exact same keyword, I make a video on youtube, I build a few good backlinks properly from websites/pages with PR higher than PR3-4, (also with the keyword in my title/desription/head, and get it listed in the "Open Directory Project's Directory") :

Does my youtube video beat those 2 youtube videos after a proper and slow backlinks building ?

I have to admit that I don't understand how the #5 could be on the first page of google with almost nothing (0 backlinks).

And it is just an example, I have the same kind of results with a LOT of youtube videos URL's (with a PR-0, a few backlinks from PR0-1 pages, no gov/edu etc)

Hard to believe no ?! What do you think guys ?

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