Weird leap in Pagerank?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by general_z, Aug 18, 2008.

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    I just noticed today when i worked on a more white-hat site i'm building that it suddenly had a pagerank of 6. A Pagerank of 6 for the main index page without even having a pagerank 1 at first and this in just 3 weeks? ... Surely this must be some sort of bug but even still when i check it again, again and again and with an array of tools for checking pagerank it sticks - 6.

    Can it have something to do with that i've added 4 links on main templates for two different sites with PR3 and PR4 that has been around for ages (since 2003) and has about 30 000 links bound to them .. natural links, they are community sites. Those sites each gives me +links everyday as SE's index the "new" pages that has changed and now has a couple of links to my new site.

    Other then that i've just done some ref-spam, commentspam (the really slow way but with correct yet non-spammy ancor-text etc) and started a bounch of blogs keywordname + rewritten posts about the keywords + RSS feeds + links to my page etc... but that's about it. The site has still "only" 3000 links pointing to it however 2000 of them comes from the two community sites.

    Is this just some randomness from Google or is that site already on the way to becoming more of an authority within its niche?
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