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    I was just checking up what domains hostgator have and found some strange results from Either it's all fu***d up or... Well I don't know what...

    Anyway. First I made a whois on hostgator.

    Since they most likely have their own server and no shared ones. (With their hosting capabilities, why would they?)

    I saw that they had 3 other sites hosted on the same IP so offcourse I also had to check up what sites that was.

    Reverse IP: 3 other sites hosted on this server.

    # Amsterdampalace .com
    # Hostgator .com
    # Hostgator .in

    Hum.. Amsterdampalace... Never heard about them so I did go there to see what it was.

    This must be something that is related to hostgator or the people who owns hostgator or just someone working on Hostgator and don't like his/her job...

    Who else would be able to host on the same server as Hostgator?

    Anyway.. I landed on a crappy site (doesn't look finnished) but had some nice info for Hostgator to be associated with.

    Under "About us" one can read the following.

    "1. - When in amsterdam visit Amsterdam Palace When you come into redlight district the amsterdam palace should be on your left side.

    2. - Find a good coffeeshop Some coffeeshops dont have good service and they sell mostly to tourists. Try to avoid the tourist traps."

    Mmm... Smoking weed and hanging out in the Red Light District. :d

    Hostgator >> ajja bajja inte brajja!

    Translated.. = "no, no don't do weed!" but it sure do sounds better in swedish ;)

    At least they didn't lie and whent right on the target cause why would anyone ever want to go to Amsterdam if not for hanging out in the Red Light District and visiting coffeeshops?
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    you should lookup how much trouble that place is having with stds at the moment.
    it's amazing that people are still tom-catting around.