Websites, Y U no rank? Consultation welcomed.

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Leo00, Jun 6, 2013.

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    Hello guys,

    I am currently struggling to rank my 2 websites in the same niche. One of them was already 8th on given keyword, but after Penguin 2.0 is oscilating 12-14th. The second website is much more richer in content, I would say authority website with great interlinking. The second site oscilates 18-20th position. Both domains were registred in November 2012, but the second, bigger website has content on it for 1,5 months.

    Here is the top 10 competition:

    My websites are like this:

    First website (smaller one):
    - Ranking 12-14th
    - 64 pages indexed in Google
    - PA 42 / DA 30
    - Citation Flow 28 / Trust Flow 13
    - GTPR 2

    Second website (bigger one):
    - Ranking 18-20th
    - PA 27 / DA 14
    - Citation Flow 29 / Trust Flow 6
    - 54 pages indexed in Google
    - GTPR 0 so far

    Would you advise to make more links or wait? I outsourced majority of backlinks to reputed members and services here. Still expect the second website to grow as it gets older.
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    I will say continue building links and also say ask the members helping you to build those link what you should do.
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    I just check that screenshot about the top 10 competition and how many backlinks do you currently have towards your website? and does it has a PR? if yes then do you already have enough backlinks and PR to overcome the current competition? this is the points you need to be checking against your website if you need to bring it to the top of SERP and since this isn't mention on your post, does your website is optimize using the keyword on 1.Title, 2.Header, 3.Description if yes then good if not you need to fix them too.
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    Backlinks don't really matter, mate. There will be sites which have superb on-site optimization, with hardly 100 links and they will be ranking on top against sites which have thousands of backlinks! Try using a tool like and test one of your competition sites against your own. Hopefully it should throw some light on your plan of action. All the best :)