Websites that buy from amazon on bulk and sell it to their local customer

Discussion in 'Other Affiliate Programs' started by ashimpaudel, May 6, 2015.

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    Feb 23, 2015
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    Can someone please give me the list of websites that buys the goods from e-commerce sites like amazon and ebay as demanded by their customers and sell it to their local customers(by charging extra for their services). I know websites like amazon is not accessible in countries like bangladesh, bhutan, Nambia, Ghana, Nigeria..etc(most of asian and african countries). So targeting those people there must be websites that takes order from the people on their country and after collecting an order in bulk, buys by themselves in bulk through amazon, and ships to their country in bulk and distribute in their country by charging fee for their service.
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    R you kidding me? amazon is a retailer.. you don't buy "bulk" from amazon, actually you sell those at amazon....local websites need the same source of amazon products (try cause really they supply 30% of amazon's products)