website viewer script - like user view each-other websites to go up hits

Discussion in 'General Scripting Chat' started by pijussau, Dec 23, 2010.

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    Dear Members of BlackHat YOOO Forum (prettty cuul forum thought :D)

    Well, some time ago i searched the big web and found a website their i could register, automatic view other websites and then get credit for each website i viewed. To the end i could use the credits to add my own website in the viewer list and waiting for other to view it.

    Now i of course either don't find the website and don't remember the name of the "script".

    But im not interested in the website, i'm interested in a similar php/mysql script so i can run a similiar website myself.

    Any got any ideas?

    Thanks :)
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    Sure you can , but i think it would be better to use imacros , that way you really need to emulate a browser behavior .. (e.g. - messing with user agent , handle cookies, JS etc. )

    and my guess is that you had used , I just tested it yesterday.... am i correct ? :D