Website Marketing Tactics: How to use Targeted Keywords In Your Page Title Tags

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    I am a big fan of SEO. It generate quick and steady traffic to a website. Based on this, I am going to share with you guys tips help you... Enjoy..


    If you are concerned with your website marketing and promotion, which you should be if you want a successful website, then you need to be aware of the importance of utilizing proper targeted keywords in your title tags for your website optimization. I'm not just talking about using keywords in your website content either; I'm talking about in the page titles too. If you optimize your web page content, your Meta keyword tags and your page titles you can see excellent results in terms of increased search engine rankings and thus can receive more high quality website visitors to your site!

    When I talk about using targeted keywords in your page titles I am not talking about in your Meta keyword tags. The title tag is separate from your Meta keyword tags and just like your Meta tags is very important. If you don't know already the title tag is what you place between the <title> and </title> portions of your website code. What you place between these title tags is what will appear in the title bar of Internet browsers when someone views your page. It is very important for your website marketing needs to utilize these tags effectively.

    I say targeted keywords instead of just keywords because for best results you should try to make your keywords as targeted towards the content of your website as possible. This will help increase your search engine rankings and make your website marketing efforts worthwhile!

    When the search engines rank your web page in their index (thus it will appear in their search results) they take your title tag into consideration. This is why website optimization is such a talked about an important factor for small business websites and personal website alike because effective website optimization can help a website climb to the top of search engine results. When you search for a keyword or a sentence related to your websites content and your website is already ranked in the results, the title of the listing that you will see in all of the major search engines is actually what you have placed between your title tags. As you can probably imagine this makes it important for more than just increasing your search engine rankings since it is what searchers will actually see when they look for content related to your site. By this I mean that the title of your page is what will actually get potential visitors to actually click through to visit your site.

    If you have designed your website yourself then you should know that every single page of your website should be optimized if you want it to appear in the results. I highly recommend that you go through all your pages and make sure that the titles within the title tags are all keyword optimized and relevant to the content on that specific page. Targeted keyword optimization is something that you will want to do throughout the content of your pages and the main keywords are what you will want to place in your title. You will also want to learn more about Meta keyword tags because they are important too.

    In choosing your title tags in your website optimization efforts you will want to try to stay away from "stop" words. These are words that aren't directly content related and connect sentences generally. I recommend you stay away from them because they are ignored by many search engines when indexing your site. Words such as "and", "or", "I", "of" and "at" are examples of stop words. Trying to use as little stop words as possible in choosing your website title will not just limit how many words get indexed by the search engines but also will give you more valuable space in your title to use content rich targeted keywords.

    Unless your business name is commonly searched for in the search engines there really isn't too much of a need to place it in your title tags itself when performing your website optimization. Doing so just uses valuable space that you could utilize with targeted keywords. If somebody searches in a search engine and doesn't already know about your business then having it in your title won't make them want to click through to visit your site. It is generally only after they have been to your site and like what you offer that the average visitor will be interested in your business name itself.
    If you are wanting to be at the top of the search results for your business name itself you may wish to include your business name in the title, but I suggest using keyword rich words in your title that are searched for more often. Once you have your business website or personal website keyword optimized you will want to move on with your website marketing and start driving traffic to your site. You should see your pages climb the search engine results for your chosen keywords and will begin to see more natural traffic appearing to your website on a regular basis!

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