[WEBSITE JOURNEY] 0 experience and profit to PROFITABLE LETS GO


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May 3, 2021
I hope I can get some help here by other people commenting or messaging me important information. Along with that, I will continue browsing BHW. I have been here for a few years but never tried anything with SEO, mostly just CPA and Bot making. So, I know I have a lot to read and check out.
I also copied someone else's format for this thread, but I thought it was really useful to organize my thoughts like that.

I do not know much about SEO. I am skilled in making bots, and know a lot about trading / crypto.

Profit through CPA

Within a few months. If I can start making profit I will just put it all back into the website.


  1. Buy domain. This is the first part I am not sure about. Should I buy another domain? Will I have to use the same content as this domain? Can I alter it to my own? Is it too dangerous to do this if the domain I buy isn't exactly the same as mine? Would be good to start off with some domain authority, though. Where should I buy a domain then?
  2. Design website. I will buy something from codecanyon probably. But will this impact seo negatively in the future if I use a similar design as another website?
  3. The design will have 2 compartments, one for crypto / forex articles, one for crypto and forex CPA offers.
  4. Build a fb page using Blackhat methods, and this FB page will send traffic to my site. The key is to use blackhat methods on FB so that my whitehat site is safe.
  5. I have a niche and method that will work, I just need to build SEO for my website.
  6. I already have traffic from FB that I can put on this site. Maybe 1000/month. So I can use that to apply for adsense etc.
  7. Buy traffic or set up another site to cloak traffic from to this site.

Ad Revenue
CPA offers related to articles


Will probably get someone to write articles for me as i suck ass.

Wish me luck and any advice is greatly appreciated :)
No knowledge is ever wasted!!!
Tough niche but you are already sending traffic from SM.
Just don't give up and you'll reach your goal.
Best of luck op.
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