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    Hello everyone!

    First of all, I would like to apologize for my English, my main language is french.

    So today, BlackHatWorld Members, I need your precious help !

    I have been lurking the forum for the past 2 months and the project that I want to do is to make a reseller website. (Looks like a lot of people do this)

    So in general, I will be taking gigs from fieverr, soecleks ... and I will resell them on my website for a higher price.

    I would like to know, what does it take to bring traffic to a website.
    I know I could buy traffic directly from those gigs but, normally that's not the audience I want.

    What should I do to make my website attractive?

    Was I was planning to do.
    Make the website with a nice slick theme on it
    Buy some content for my article
    Buy Facebook ads to promote it a little (not much because I don't have much money yet)
    Buy or Make Long-Tail Keywords
    Buy a custom video promoting my content
    Buy views/likes/comments for this video
    Buy Facebook/twitter share of my website (offer)

    On the part where I am not sure (the should I...)
    Should I buy a Seo package to get on the front page of Google? (not sure if it's working for real)

    I am not sure what should I add more to this, or what is unnesseary.
    Thanks for any help :)