Website Developer? Tired of Hugh Fees For Selling Websites? We Got The Solution!

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by oskedi01, Jul 9, 2012.

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    Hello fellow BHWers. We are a Swedish based web developing company that used to flip websites and sell on website marketplaces. At the end of 2011 we had to quit as we started to lose money on it as they started to take insane fees on the places we sold them at. After paying all fees and taxes (VAT etc.) for 2011 we ended up earning almost nothing for our work. However, let's get to the point?

    What we are developing!

    Since January this year we have been developing (full time, 8 hours a day, 6 days a week) a website marketplace similar to this sites. We had some ruff times while developing it because lack of money tough we had some really kind people donating money to us to help us and it really did. Thank you! Our marketplace is as we wrote earlier, very similar to other website marketplaces. We even got "verified adsense revenue" that only one other marketplace have. (Still under review of Google).

    Some features we have:

    • [*=left]Public / Private listings.
      [*=left]Listing Upgrades such as "tweet to our followers", Screenshot in listing pages, Bold Title, Highlight etc.
      [*=left]Telephone verification.
      [*=left]Due diligence data.
      [*=left]Linkedin / Facebook linking to account.
      [*=left]Verify domain ownership by file upload / meta tag.
      [*=left]Inbuilt Escrow System for safer transactions.
      [*=left]Verified Google analytics.
      [*=left]Verified Google adsense stats.
      [*=left]Auto fetching website screenshot.
    & of course a lot more..

    More information about our marketplace.

    We tried to keep it as easy to use as possible and with a very clean but still colorful, bright and beautiful design. We had some really positive review about the design and concept and we are very proud about it! At first we decided to finish the site before June 1st but we later on understood that we wouldn't be able to succeed with that so now the date is set on August 1st and we are pretty sure we will succeed finishing everything till then. What we currently have left is to fix all known bugs, integrating the new design, finishing the FAQ database and of course, check so everything works!

    We need you!

    We need you to test our site! Test the system, list your website, bid on websites and so on, just to know that everything is working and to let us know your feedback, what you think we should improve / change. We have done this ourselves too as well but it?s hard to find all bugs and we rather don?t have any when we go live! All testers will get $50 in credits to their account that they later on can sell websites and order upgrades for. Tough, to receive this we need to get feedback from you and you need to tell us your account username so we can see that you actually did try it. :) PM us for more information!

    Pricing details!

    Most discussed thing in this development was the pricing for listing websites. It's been up and down but at last we decided the following prices. (Please comment and give us feedback what you think.)

    Listing fee: $5
    Relist fee: $2.5
    Success fee: 2.5%
    Success fee minimum: $1
    Success fee cap: $500
    Waived success fee: $250
    Listing Featured: $5 (front page / featured menu).
    Screenshot in listing row: $5
    Listing row highlighted: $3
    Listing title in bold: $2
    Fat border with color, added around listing row: $2 (want this feature? Please let us know your feedback. Would be a 2px border around the listing row.)
    Tweet listing to our followers: $2.5
    Hide from search engines and non-logged in users: $10

    Please let us know your feedback for the prices listed. You can affect them. Maybe you rather don't have a success fee and pay a higher listing fee? Things like that are really appreciated!

    So, will you try us? We hope you do!

    We hope you as either a buyer or/and seller will try us and that you will have a pleasant time with us!

    Our domain is and you can still not see the live version of the website, it's still under development and in maintenance mode. As noted earlier, we will try our best to go live on August 1st. People who request beta testing will get access to the site on July 20th. At that moment everything will be free to use as it's only for testing purposes.

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