⭐Website\CPA\CPM traffic. Real human android traffic⭐ Test before purchase!⭐Majority of GEOs

Hi there,I would like to test the traffic.
Can i have the 10k traffic sample?
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Some questions and answers:

- Is this traffic real human traffic?
- Yes. And the best proof of this is that I've been handling this traffic for about 2.5 years with many CPA and CPM networks. I am attaching screenshots of conversions\revenue\payments from some CPA\CPM networks. If someone doubts the authenticity of the screenshots - if necessary, I will prove their veracity.

- How do we count the traffic volume (numbers)?
- By my own TDS tracker – we count what has been sent. Every day I will send screenshots from my TDS with the previous day's numbers. Of course, before that, it is better to test if all works well for you and the discrepancy is min (I provide a test for this)

- If this traffic is real and there is so much volume, why are you selling it and not monetizing it yourself?
- I am still monetizing it myself, but it is more convenient for me to sell some volumes of some GEOs using the CPM model. Thus, I concentrate more on monetizing the most basic GEOs (from among Tyr1). Also, some networks require a small uniqueness rule, and some have floating rates. In addition, experience has shown that with the right approach, this traffic is very well monetized on websites - but I am not an expert in this.

- I tested this traffic on offer and these xxxx impressions did not bring me any conversions. How is this possible?
- It happens, on some offers (or even smartlinks) this traffic can bring not many conversions. You need to "find a way" to it. In any case, as an argument, you can see my screenshot with statistics from advertising networks.

- Do you offer bulk discounts?
- Yes. Contact me for details.

Contact Details:

Skype: johnsmnevada
Email: [email protected]
I would like to test your traffic before purchasing.
Hello. I'm interested in your product and have some questions. Can I contact you via telegram/whatapp?
Hi, this looks interesting but I have a couple of questions. I'm adding you on Skype.
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