Website company wants to put my link on all their hosted sites...good or bad?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by proweb, Feb 19, 2013.

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    Ok, I have an authority site which has a few PDF fact sheets available. Yesterday I got an email from a web-design company that designs and hosts several hundred websites for local businesses across the world in the same niche I'm in. Anyway, they said that they liked my fact sheet and wanted to know if they could add it to all of their client websites (the fact sheet has links to my site in it).

    Here are the stats of my site:
    100% White Hat
    5-6 months old
    60-80 unique IP backlinks (100% White Hat, all from authority sites)
    Ranks in the top 5 for a 50k/local EM keyword

    At first this sounded like a good idea, but then I thought about it. All of the websites they host have very similar templates. They all have the same links on them, the same button-text, same page names, etc. They are also hosted on the same IP range and on the same server.

    Here's what I'm afraid of. Google will see my site getting 300ish new backlinks in 1 day. All the sites are vaguely similar, all the links are the same anchor text, and my site is fairly new and is ranking on the first page of a 50K EMK term. I'm concerned this will trigger a red flag and my site may be penalized (even though it is legitimate).

    On the other hand - if Google sees this as 300ish related businesses linking to me because of relevance, it could help push my site to the #1-#2 position for this term over the next few weeks, which I previously estimated would take me another 2-4 months to reach.

    What would you do? Any feedback appreciated.

    - Web-design firm that builds/hosts niche related website for local businesses wants all their sites to link to my site for reference info.
    - All their business sites are similar to each other and are hosted on the same server/IP and all links will be the same anchor text
    - I'm concerned links from all their sites may trigger a red flag in Google since my site is new and is white hat.
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    This is what I'll do if I were you. I'll accept thir offer and change the links from my sheet, and instead of linking maybe to your index to link to another link from your website that you didn't rank it before.
    Let's say for example that your niche is "health" make another link inside your website with for example: Sweet nurses and put that link in your sheet and see results. Anyway if you do this do for a big keyword.
    I think as lonk as your links are not coming to your index or some page that is not ranked yet, it shouldn't affect those pages.

    Or make a new website and link to that website
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    I wouldn't risk it if I were you.

    Otherwise it could be something to think about but the fact that all of the 300 sites are hosted from the same IP makes the 300 links count as 1 so absolutely not worth the effort.
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    Can't be bothered to read it all, just think of it this way, if it's relevant and they're legit sites, get a list of them, look at there link profile, make sure it's all okay.

    Advise them to have different anchor text if you do go with it though.