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    Hello my website will be ready tonight and I would like to ask someone who is familiar with some of the title's things:

    1.How can I create different campaigns to track from where the traffic is coming whether is facebook, google+ blog etc. (With WP site)

    2. If my website already has a content but I want to change the Theme/Template what do I have to do in case to don't remove the content and should I change the Theme/Template before I add any plugins?
    2.1. When I said Plugins are the Plugins managed(adding,customizing) from the cPanel of the host I am or from ?

    3. Would Like to ask about my CB HopLink is this actually my username or what ? I cant get it

    Please anyone familiar with those things to reply . Thanks in advance
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    Using google webmaster tool, or awstats.

    You can just change the theme without affecting the content.
    Use clickbank and generate hop link and copy that link and paste on your website whenever people click on the link and buy that product you make a commission.