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    I have httpwebrequests fairly nailed down for what I have needed to do up to now (simple scraping, posting etc). During this learning period I have got the impression from the odd comments here and there that sockets are a better way to do things. However, I have never seen an explanation of why. Infact, I had read explanations (of stackoverflow) that sockets may not be better for all situations.

    From my very basic knowledge (could be (probably is) wrong, sockets allow you to keep a port open and constantly listen for information. But why would you want to do this for a spam tool?
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    sockets are better for a number of reasons.

    first and foremost they give you full control over all your actions you're taking. create a good wrapper class for raw sockets and the sky is the limit.

    they're faster than HTTPWebRequest, more efficient, more reliable, and loads more powerful.

    you can work with them synchronously or asynchronously.

    the list goes on and on.
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    This is a bit old but oh well.....
    It depends on what you want to do.
    If all you do is making web requests, stick to them.
    It takes a lot of work off your hands.
    It is not about beeing 1337 and beeing able to do everything as close to the metal as possible.
    It is about beeing productive.
    It is of course good to be able to do it , but only if absolutly necessary.
    so no sweat about using webrequests.
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