Webmaster Quick Tools (PR, Alexa, Compete, & Moz Rank)

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    Hi Fellas,

    Not sure if this is in the right category so mods can feel free to move this thread accordingly. Now, as I'm a big Fire Fox fan and use it daily, I'd like to mention a few add-ons that I use that are very convenient for webmasters and those interested in seeing Google PR, Alexa ranking, Compete Ranking, and Moz Ranking stats at a glance for every site you visit without really doing anything.

    After you have Fire Fox installed, go here and look at this:

    The first 2 add-ons of the page are Flag Fox and Search Status. Flag Fox will display a flag for each site you visit and will easily show you the country that each site is hosted in. I find this very handy and its more of general curiosity than anything else. The second is 'Search Status' which will show you the 4 different types of rankings for each site/page you visit on the net.

    Hopefully these quick tools help some of you out. Thank you.