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Discussion in 'Web Hosting' started by mandude, Apr 14, 2009.

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    Hey, I just realized today that my hosting is about to be up for the year. I am thinking of looking elsewhere, just to see whats out there, but a last resort would to just stay where I am. I was using webhostingbuzz, i think they are ok, I tink they used to be better. I have one of their older plans, like 1.2TB of space and a rediculous 15TB of bandwidth. All this for about $98 a year. But dont let this fool you, you can only connect via FTP with like 1 connection at a time, or thread (not up on those terms) and if you tried more, your server/hosting crashed for like an hr or so. very lame. I never did too much intense hosting, or email bulk sending, which I plan to.

    Let me know what else is good out there, I am looking for good, and under or around $100 a year. Want around the same specs and want CPanel. I am looking for those rare gems, not shit like godaddy or hostgator. Let me know thanks!.

    Heres what I used, the support forum was ok.