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Discussion in 'Web Hosting' started by McMusq, Feb 28, 2009.

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    I have some hosting questions i havent been able to find the answers too...
    Hope you guys can help me a bit.

    - I want to create multiple domains and host them. Is it best to host them in one hosting package with unlimited domains allowed?
    - Is there a disadvantage in the search engine results when having all your domains in 1 hostingpackage? Since all sites will come from the same server/company.
    - I'm gonna go with GoDaddy for domains cause they're cheap and well-known + i like the concept. Any hosting(package) you recommend? Is GoDaddy's ok or any other interesting ones that have good reviews?
    - I live in Europe. I guess it's better to take a US host if i want to reach an US/international public or this has no negative points? Again maybe sites from EU hosts maybe don't get high results inn Goolge results or something?

    Thanks for you help.
    Appreciate it!

    Best regards
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    Thats the cheapest option - if its just your own domains. The other option is a reseller account.
    With regards to search engine results - only if you are doing a blog farm and interlinking trying to build up backlinks through your own sites.
    I wouldnt go with godaddy for hosting. Go with a hosting company. Godaddy may be fine for domains but they suck at hosting. My own opinion is to go with a company that does what it does best. aka for domains go to a domain company - for hosting go to a hosting company. Rarely can you find all that you need all in one spot thats good. There are a few I'm sure. GoDaddy isnt one of them.

    If your target market is US you can go with US hosting. If your target market is EU then go with EU. The difference in speed if its a good host is negligible. However sometimes the more hops you have to do to get to a website thats not optimized can be detrimental.

    Pretty sure google doesnt care where your hosting is.
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    near $randomcity
    For domain registration, my favorite is 1and1. Private registration is about $8. Not the best service, but good enough. Private registration is free at 1and1 and I think almost every other company charges extra.

    As for search rankings - its best to have different IPs. Plus, if you are writing fake reviews, etc and linking back to your sites - you'll want different Ips.

    If you're on a budget - shared hosting is fine. But if you want the domains to appear to be unrelated, and get the most from the search engines - I'd go with seperate C-class ips like through seohosting (owned by hostgator.)

    I love hostgator - great pricing and the best service. 24/7, usually fast friendly and accurate.