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Discussion in 'Adwords' started by theripoffsource, Jun 22, 2009.

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    Apr 13, 2009
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    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and recently joined after my affiliate manager over at iFriends told me to check this forum for Google PPC Help.

    I have been trying to promote ifriends using Google Adwords, but am not having any luck. I have a set budget of $100/day which gets me about 60 clicks for one specific keyword, but I cannot convert.

    My goal is 20-30 free joins per day. Anyone have any advice for someone just starting out with PPC? Or can I hire someone who already knows how to get this job done for me?

    Thanks in advance!

    P.S. I already hired a "PPC Manager" and gave him $750 for setup fees for my campaigns, and I haven't made a dime from it yet.
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    May 27, 2009
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    Hello- Welcome to the forum. I'm just starting myself in adwo*rds so I might not have the best of answers but I do what to point out a few things. if you are only getting 60 clicks a day at the most I see you getting with that traffic is 1-3 signups on average. I've seen conversion rates as high as 1 for every 40 but that is all about being at the right place and bidding on the right keywords. Another thought I have is that it would have been better to spend your 750 on the campaign itself. Not paying a manager to set it up for you. Let me ask you this. What did paying someone else to set up your campaign for you teach you? you should just dive in and spend the money on getting clicks and learning how the system works. Just my 750,000 cents.