Web Traffic Rat - Quality Website Traffic at Just $12 per 10000!!

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Apr 13, 2010
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Hi guys

this is a service relaunch, made some updates to the offer and pricing-

We are offering 10k to upto 1 Million real and guaranteed expired domain and ptc visitors starting at only $14(worldwide traffic).

65% of our traffic comes from Europe and USA

Features of our offer

- Ranking benefits

In recent google updates, google gives preference to websites which already have some activity going on them, google has several ways to determine if the site is getting daily stream of visitors or not. Since our service will send you daily visitors so it has a additional benefit of helping you attain better rankings in google.

-Combination of expired domain visitors and ptc visitors

Both types of traffic have different benefits, ptc traffic is more useful if you want to increase your youtube views, article views, improving alexa rank , whereas expired domain traffic is more keen to read the content of your website, they might stay for long or short duration on your website depending upon your website content.

-Real visitors

We send only real visitors who are reading your website content, and if you are lucky you might get some cpa conversions as well.However we do not guarantee cpa conversions or sales, as that purely depends upon your niche and site content.

-Adsense safe

Traffic which we send to your site will show as "direct traffic" (without any referrer). Our traffic is tested on over 150 websites and no one reported adsense problems till now. People who order bulk packages are getting many real adsense clicks.

-article views

You can compare this service with youtube views service which we offer, you might get real and regular readers of your articles, and if your articles are interesting enough ,you might get real comments as well.

-Struggling to improve your alexa rank?

I know many people who are struggling to improve there alexa rank, they spend thousands of dollars on SEO, but they are still unable to get bulk visitors to there site, if you are one of them , just try our service and you will never regret.We can deliver bulk traffic on your website over long period of time, which will help you to improve your site's alexa rank in long run. 70% of our traffic will show as direct traffic, so it will surely help you to improve your alexa rank within few week!

-Quick approval

Once you have paid for the visitors , your campaign will start within 24 hours, however most of the campaigns are approved within 10 hours, so you don't have to wait much to get visitors at your site.


10k worldwide visitors per month - $14/month
20k worldwide visitors
per month- $25/month
50k worldwide visitors
per month- $42/month
100k worldwide visitors per month- $72/month
200k worldwide visitors per month
- $129/month

Sites with malicious material, iframe breakers and adult content are not accepted. Although this is a subscription based service, you can cancel your subscription anytime.

Special Offer - Post in this thread asking for 20% discount, and i will PM you a link with 20% OFF on all packages!

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If anybody wants any of these packages just PM me with your site url
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I'll review your service and give a detailed and accurate report.
5 review copies are given to the members
NO review copies left now, so if anybody want any package , just pm me.
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Thanks Leena, got your PM. Will look into the service and provide genuine feedback... If good, will also buy service from you
I have sent you $69.00 for 10K lifetime traffic. I have also emailed you the details.

Thanks again.
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Looks like an attractive traffic offer. Will wait for reviews before getting it for my sites
I have set the campaign for all , you all will start receiving traffic within 10-15 hours,
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I have just paid you the difference for an upgraded 30K / month lifetime plan.

Thanks again!
I purchased 100k visitors to my site, and the campaign just started today, I've got about 1k visits in last 24 hours, and I am getting continous flow of visitors to my site, most visitors seem to come from Europe.

Traffic is coming from ptc sites and expired domains as OP mentioned, I am very statisfied.. Needed 1k visitors daily which I am getting. My main purpose to use this service was to improve my alexa rank and I think this service will help me a lot in long run.

Recommended service :)
Traffic started literally hours after ordering. All traffic delivered as promised and promptly. Speed of service is my pet peeve when ordering services and leena responds quickly and delivers quicker.

I will certainly order more traffic shortly, and would definitely recommend this service to others.
thanks a lot for the reviews, memorex and nossie

All new orders are processed now.

Special offer for to 2 days only -

Purchase 50k and get 5k free.
purchase 100k and get 10k free

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What you mean by lifetime?

That i pay you once 69 USD and get 10k visits each month - until i stop our you run out of visits?

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