Web Sites and Lawn Maintenance

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    Just a little correlation between the two that I think about from time to time.

    I live in the US and on Saturday mornings, most people do maintenance on their yards.

    I don't; I do maintenance on my lawn.

    While some folks have one kind of grass and fertilize it a couple of times a year and are content I do not.

    My lawn has 3 different kinds of grasses growing, is fed every 3 weeks with different kind of fertilizers depending on the situation, is watered if there is a lack of rain, is watched carefully and treated properly if there are unwelcome bugs or if I start to see a fungus creep in.

    Additionally, I aerate the lawn 2X a year and keep an eye on the thatch to make sure it doesn't build up.

    I don't use a service as this is a hobby of mine and it can take a little time because I'm a tad obsessive.

    What I end up with is a lawn that looks very nice to others although I see the flaws and some of my neighbors joke with me and give me a bit of a hard time about the way I go about it but they are happy that they have a neighbor that cares about the way their property looks.

    How's that like a web site?

    Well, if you have a site that you add good content to on a regular basis, keep an eye on what ads are clicked and what ad placement is working for you, backlink it with a variety of backlinks and do all that on a consistent basis, continue to target KWs that are rankable, you'll end up with a quality site.

    That quality site with a lot of ranking KWs, that are backlinked in a variety of ways, that has good content on it, with good ads and good ad placement will continue to build trust with Google and get you nice targeted organic traffic that will not bounce off your site in 2 seconds.

    Odds are the visitors will read more than just the one page that they went to which gives you more of a chance to make money off of them.

    So don't be the guy that just mows his yard when it comes to your web site; don't be the guy that throws up a 7 page site and hits it with SB or Xrumer; be the obsessive guy that works on his lawn and is patient for positive results and you'll have a site that brings in those targeted visitors long term for a zillion different KWs and you'll make more money.
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