Web Hosting Company Growing Like Crazy - Wanting Lists to Promote To - YOU BENEFIT!

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    Hey BHW,

    Recently we have experienced some AWESOME growth of our hosting company. We are actually re-branding and will be going for a more professional look with the new display of our products.

    This new brand is almost developed and should be no more than two weeks. With that said we expect to grow our company by more than 1 thousand new paying clients by the end of the year and then more in the beginning of 2012.

    Due to our high success rate we are asking for JV's with any size list. Our goal is to have each JV send to their list our grand opening with an invite of our special pricing for 1 week only. This price will be 1 cent for the first month of hosting.

    Not only will we be offering a steep discount on the first month but we will be giving away a free hosting account to several of our current and new customers. There will be 5 winners of the free for a year hosting contest and two of our JV partners will receive the same prize.

    We are asking for as many list owners as possible to partner with us and send our email to them. This will be beneficial to you in many ways.

    1. You will be entered into our drawing to win a free hosting account for a year.

    2. You will be given a special affiliate link to earn 30% (FOR LIFE) of the customers you refer to us from your list.

    3. You will be given the opportunity to join us for more exclusive partnerships which will be detailed later on to all of our JV partners.

    Our growth can lead you to a more stable income with a 30% residual for the life of the customer.

    Our pricing:

    We have just a few products to allow us to better focus on support and the growth of our business.

    Web Hosting - $5.95

    Blog Hosting - $2.95

    Reseller Hosting - Will be announced!

    If you refer 100 people to our site and they all become a customer you will earn $178.50 per month from your referred customers for LIFE!

    More Details:

    We are asking for you to join us in our new launch. This launch is the new brand. It is a hosting business offering shared hosting.

    You will send an email to your list with our email we send to you with your affiliate link included. Your list will respond to the email and you will be paid.

    If you are interested in our launch please send me a pm or respond to the thread with questions or concerns.

    I am open to any size email list. If you are a beginner this will help you get started. If you are an expert then why not add to your already great income.

    The email blast is scheduled to be launched three weeks from today. Each list owner must agree to a single date to launch the campaign. Please contact us to be notified further of this Joint Venture Opportunity.

    Only warriors who inquire will be given more information about our company and will also have a sneak peak of the design of our new brand.

    We will send you a link to check it out. The new site will convert well and is very unique and professional.

    We look forward to working with many of you. No list too large or small. We want to partner with you.

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    Living With Articles!!
    "Only warriors who inquire will be given more information about our company and will also have a sneak peak of the design of our new brand."

    this was intended for warrior forum?
    please make necessary changes when you post on each forum.
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    Count me in!
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    Why such a secrecy "Only warriors who inquire ..."? Don't you want more business?