Web Directorys do they work! and what about Articles.

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by polomint, Jan 17, 2012.

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    I'm scanning the success of many of my online competition, many use directories to rank themselves. I have a few questions regarding this directories and so forth.

    First Question:
    I notice a lot of directory sites have submit article, now from what I can see or least the ones I have looked at do not have backlinks within those articles! so is there any point using articles on directories.

    Second Questions:

    Free Link, without reciprocal link am I right in saying these ******** but because you aint paying it takes month to actual add your site?

    Is it worth paying.....

    Is it worth using reciprocal links, in your experience do they normal update their site quickly? I read that google dislikes you reciprocal link too many times, anyone know a rough number? Personally I don't want any outbound links :|
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    Well directories are useful, i know some websites that are ranking only with directories links. That said, i believe you should focus on others kind of links also.

    Paying for directories links seems to me a bit pointless, as you could pay for better links or more efficient SEO tools / services.

    In SEO when you are dealing with a few months, it is not something long :). I believe the turtle strategy is more efficient than the rabbit one.

    For reciprocal backlinks what i used to do is to set an external links dedicated page, with the template of your website, and i use to place a nofollow mention and a noindex mention in the robots.txt.

    If the directory expressively wants you to place the links in all your pages or so, i just go to others.
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    1. Some article directory's don't allow users to submit links directly into the post . Even though some links that are not directly in the post , are worth less to Big G , it's still a lot better then no link at all.

    2. Try finding some free places to add your URL too if you don't want to pay right way. monitor your site and when you do have the cash, test them out and if they work , add it to your arsenal . Is it worth it ? That's completely up to you and your testing .
    Ive never tried payed links yet but hopefully one of the seasoned vets can come shine some light on the subject.
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    I own many directories and could not care less for free links. I accept free links only to gain related content in the categories. All free links are no followed to avoid lowering the quality of my directories. I accept all free links which I usually post every sunday and have an automated system in place to avoid submissions with spam keywords.

    I used to accept reciprocal links which would make the submitters link followed but I stopped as it was taking to much time to monitor.

    For a sake of a few dollars you can get a featured link that would be followed and appear on the first page of a category.