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    I am a web designer/developer by trade.
    This brings home the bacon month by month... But its a hard way to live!

    Clients on your case all the time, lots of small requests... Clients who are STUPID.

    What i would like to do is OUTSOURCE EVERYTHING...
    How do I do it?

    Do you guys have any ways or specific forms that i can use so that i can outsource everything without having to be involved with every project?
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    That can be a long answer because nowadays we do have so many options when comes to outsourcing.

    You have first to be familiar with known website where you can find skilled professionals to take on your projects.
    You know you'll be involved in it...it's "your" job after all:)

    Once you have projects to start, pick smaller tasks to try some professionals out and check the turn around. As i mentioned before
    there are many places you can visit with purpose (I believe you some already) like odesk, elance, getafreelance, etc.

    Remember that we have a section in the forum for services and sales where you can outsource some of the work as well

    Here you have an Outsourcing Basics that may give some insights :)

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