Web 2.0 FCS VS XRANKER VS ZENNOPOSTER + Tier questions

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by aidenhera, Nov 30, 2016.

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    Nov 30, 2016
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    Hey mates, I am quite new to this forum and probably did a research of this question on many boards but without any success. I am 21 year old person from europe very familiar with computers, html, css, youtube, wordpress, etc with a money site and currently spend 3 months to drive traffic from google (my gf betrayed me 3 months ago and ive sacrificed myself during that time for good but no positive impact in google). My site is optimalised. What can i say my first time trying SEO (whitehat) was long time ago maybe 4 years ago.

    What have I tried is Turboweb (do not like, low success rate, weak blogs).
    People recommended FCS over Turboweb. Okay I've spend days learning FCSNETWORKER and I have to say I am impressed, it's not without flaws, but it's much better than Turboweb.

    It was good to the point that I made my mind and made 1 tier Web 2.0 links to any niche on my money site.

    Currently i have 40 posts (niches) on money site and each is linked from about 15 blogs (like 4 articles and a link on one, thats what everybody recommended)

    My niches have very small competition, I have done the Tier 1 couple days ago and still no INCREASE in position, I know some people make 5 tiers, and I have just one, but niches have no competition, and I have a lot of Tier 1 backlinks at the moment.

    What I noticed is that i had to buy second licence of FCS cause submissions are not umlimited and they are very expensive... Also that second licence wont even be enough for my tier 2 (for all niches).

    That's why I would like to ask if maybe I should use other tools for tier 2,3,4,5,6? Cause FCS was being said to be cheap and HQ, but only cheap if making low amount of submissions.. that fits Tier 1 only.

    Thank you.