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    Hi guys,
    I wanted to share one of the approaches we use at RankJet.com to move up in ranking our new or established sites as well as our client's sites.
    Most of you know that nowadays you don't want to have thousands of low quality links pointing to your site, as it will not only not score you any advantage, but most likely will hurt your authority in google eyes.
    Last year we experimented with different link sources and found out few that still brings us measurable benefits, here we will discuss one of the approaches we use, backlinking from Web 2.0 sites.
    We use our RankJet Web Automation Framework to create hundreds or sometimes even thousands of accounts on different web 2.0 platforms. Nothing new here you would say, people spam web 2.0 for years and seems it does not work as it used to be. We have few distinct rules that we apply to our Web 2.0 campaigns to make it work.
    1. We post first 10 -15 posts to each account without links to anywhere or sometimes few with authority links in your niche.
    2. Content is readable to sustain manual review, RankJet WAF has content generator application that can produce different type of content (copy, aggregated, mashed ).
    3. We use few social bookmarking and some blog comments pointing to main page of the blog sites and to blogs themselves, be careful to not overdo it here as too much spam dangerous not only for your money site but for your first tier sites.
    4. We don't post only to popular web 2.0 sites, think about it this way, if you would start new blog will you create your blog on one of those popular sites or will you do it on some low PR blog that only bots are positing to. I read somewhere that 99% of legitimate blogs are spread among top 10 blogging platform and I tend to agree with it.
    5. We regularly measure PA and indexing of blogging sites and after some aging will select group of sites that we think qualify to link to our primary sites.
    6. We will post only to those sites content with our links.
    7. We will continue posting to all blogs but much less often, once a week. RankJet handles intervals and scheduling.
    8. Rinse and repeat. It is of course not guaranteed success story but using this cautious approach we at least having more positive results then before. Rest of the success very much depends on your site. Google has more than one way of measuring quality of your sites, so linking will give you boost you need for new or established but without much external linking sites but it will not do much if your site is full of low quality, duplicate content and users bounce from it ASAP.

    We have BST thread for RankJet WAF and free version of it has all features of paid minus unattended run in auto mode. RankJet WAF has number of applications that can assist you in above mentioned approach, Account creator, Email creator, Content generator, Content distribution.

    Thank you
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