We told you so!...eBay backs down...a little bit.

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    'eBay have finally listened to the concerns from sellers about the changes they made to the Feedback area and have decided on the following modifications':

    Recalculating Feedback percentage without neutrals
    Effective in late August, neutrals will no longer be counted as part of the Feedback percentage. This means we will be recalculating Feedback percentages retroactively for users worldwide. in the interim, no one will lose their PowerSeller status as a result of neutrals being included in their Feedback percentage.

    Helping you resolve disputes and satisfy buyers
    By the end of October, we'll introduce a new process to help sellers resolve disputes with buyers, even after Feedback has been left by the buyer.

    This will give buyers a way of changing or withdrawing Feedback in certain limited circumstances. Please note that this is not a re-introduction of the old Mutual Feedback Withdrawal process, which could be abused by some sellers to place undue pressure on buyers to withdraw their Feedback.

    We'll provide more details of this new process soon.

    We've also recently received lots of feedback from sellers about the Seller Non-Performance programme. We'll provide an update on changes to this programme early next week.

    Thanks for the continued commitment to making eBay such a great place to buy and sell. We want to continue an open and constructive discussion with both buyers and sellers while we make major improvements to the marketplace; it means we can respond quickly to address your concerns, and introduce ideas that benefit everyone.


    The eBay Team

    'Just goes to prove the power still rests with the people'.


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    Oh well, the power has always rested with the pple. Soon, so black sheep are gonna spoil things for us again. From what I have heard, EBAY started off with pretty lax rules and all. After many had abused the rules, they had no choice but to tighten up and be more stringent. But is it possible to not exploit/abuse lax rules when it makes you tons of money? Sigh......such are the endless crossroads in life......................