We have Idle Cpa accounts available to be used/joint ventures

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    We have recently moved onto other methods so we know have cpa accounts idle, we are also available to open cpa accounts in any cpa network and easily be accetped without a problem.

    We realise alot of you like to use other accounts for your blackhat ways, we have many accounts available or we can open new ones just for joint venture use.

    You will be instantly paid a % (agreed before joint venture) this will be paid out straght away via bank transfer once we recieve payment from the network/s.

    Not only will we let you use our accounts, we will also keep in touch daily with the affiliate manager/s to create a good relationship and to keep the account in good standing while the accounts are making money

    (High chance of lowering banning account ratio)

    If you are wanting to drive traffic to specific offers and need other accounts we are available and will speak before commencing, please get in touch via pm, for our contact details.

    We will throughly screen all who are interested in using our accounts.