We got a warning from a website ??!!! WOOOOO!

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    Can you help me?

    We run a service that sells a list of contact data.
    The contact data helps our buyers.
    Our buyers are listed publicly with email addresses on a site.
    We use that site to scrape data and send our offer.
    We dont say where we got the data from.

    Here is a disclaimer from the site

    Warning: You are invited to use the contact details of this person to offer them work or en quire on their availability only, it is forbidden to offer them services.

    After we have been scraping data for a while, our team got an email saying "Stop emailing our members or you will be sued, or legal stuff " ( I told my pa I never want to read emails like this, so she paraphrased )


    1/ Sod em, this is war.

    2/ If caught emailing people we could get in alot of trouble.

    3/ Laugh, the website cannot prove anything

    We really need the remainder of the data from this site any ideas?

    On another site we have a process which first emails from email address 1 asking for availablity, then we use email address 2 to send the offer a week or so later... ( a kind of e whoring )

    Love you.. what to do Experts of web and law and stuff...