We don't realize that we keep building minor assests online....

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    We don't realize that we keep building minor assests online....

    These were some of the online assets(paper value) at the moment. I have just placed a fair estimate for my personal accounts based on what price most accounts are sold online..

    dp account- $75
    unused articles on my harddrive $100
    1 blog- $25(infancy stage)
    1 website-$100 (infancy stage)
    warrorum forum ac-$20
    AC fairly used accounts-$20 (if buyers still exist, I don't now)

    The amount isn't huge, but the way I look at it is that it's all a "bonus" becoz there weren't intended for cash purpose(except for the blog/website). It's almost like a free reward for spending some of your precious time online:) I am sure some of you guys might have a longer list than this and more valued ones.

    Now, who says you can't make money online..Just look around, you might have build some assets like these:)


    Plz, don't pm me as I am not looking to sell anything. I don't want to abondon anything at an infancy stage. I will wait for these accounts to hatch more eggs by itself :) Just kidding.. but no pm plz. This was just an "out of the blue" thought that come into my mind when I was thinking a little deep about my online income :)
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