We can help each other make money with TrialPay

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by webiz101, Feb 10, 2009.

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    If you have integrated your website or product with TrialPay, customers can choose either to purchase your product OR "Get It Free" with TrialPay. If customers choose to get your product for free, they will need to complete an offer or free trial from TrialPay advertiser. Once offer or free trial is completed, customers will receive email from TrialPay regards to product download.

    TrialPay pays you a Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) from the advertiser that often exceeds your regular price, and your asking price is always guaranteed for every transaction.

    So if members of BHW have a website or product that is integrated with TrialPay, we can then help each other to make some money by visiting each other website or product link. It is a win-win situation for everyone. Advertiser gets leads, customer gets the product that they are interested for free, and we get paid for giving away our product for free by TrialPay.

    Details can be found here >> Video 1: do_you_suck_at_making_money[dot]s3[dot]amazonaws[dot]com/01/01[dot]html

    Video 2: do_you_suck_at_making_money[dot]s3[dot]amazonaws[dot]com/04_intro_to_trialpaynow/04_intro_to_trialpaynow[dot]html

    Video 3: do_you_suck_at_making_money[dot]s3[dot]amazonaws[dot]com/05_trialpaynow_demo/05_trialpaynow_demo[dot]html

    Hope we can all make some money with this. So, lets start posting all the website or product link that is integrated with TrialPay here.

    My website: webiz101[dot]com
  2. flow

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    AKA CPA ring? Why not just do it with any CPA offers?
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    Just like flow said that would be basically a cpa ring and if you read the rules here, those aren't allowed.

    8 ? Prohibited Activities ? The following activities are no longer allowed on this forum and will result in a ban.
    * Currency Trades or Exchanges (Example: Exchanging PayPal for eGold money)
    * Buying/Selling CPA accounts (EPN accounts are permitted w/ blank TaxID ONLY)
    * Buying/Selling Social Security Numbers or Identities
    [COLOR="Red"]* CPA offer filling circles[/COLOR]
    * Paying to have CPA offers filled
    * Requesting fake review comments for other forums' BST sections
    * Digg / Stumble (or similar) requests & trades
    So, this idea wouldn't work.
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    May 13, 2008
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    Down Under
    Yep, this is blackhatworld, not fraudworld... What we do is typically not illegal, but what you are suggesting certainly is...