We are looking for affiliates for several nutritional products $31.50 CPA W/Trials

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    One of the companies my marketing company is working with is looking for affiliates for several nutritional supplements they have out. Currently they have Raspberry Ketones, Green Coffee Bean Extract, LXWpro which is a Male Enhancement Product, Test-Drive which is male testosterone booster and they have two products for women coming out of production late January early February which is a skin/hair/nail supplement and a female libido booster targeting both younger women and women approaching menopause. Currently they are offering $31.50 per sale, pixel fires on successful order, all products have free trials with either $0.00 or reduced shipping you are paid on free trial order. All products have both a recurring option as well as a non-recurring option. All sites have intellichat which helps with bounces, and are integrated in with Span6 so you can set up your own tracking and manage and see all your sales and traffic in real time. They are very open to making changes to creatives, landing pages, pricing strategy...Looking for both individual affiliates as well as networks to promote the products. Currently offers will be good in US, CA, UK and within a week or so they will be set up for India as well which is a massive market. Brazil and several other countries are very close as well. They will accept all types of traffic including email as long as it converts. I hope I did not say or put anything in here to get in trouble on the board if so just let me know and Ill be happy to change it. PM me for more information. Cheers
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    I'd like to have more information without having to PM you.

    What you gave us is very generic, please elaborate.
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    PM me more details. i would like to know about this. Do you have pure cleanse trial and landing pages for diet or skin offers ?

    If yes i can get you many leads daily. :) am a facebook advertiser.
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    I am interested, you can pay me half of what you pay to your affilates, I want to learn how to start, I know many processes like google adword, of facebook advert, article marketing but I need someone to teach me, you can even pay me nothing for first 5 sales, I wont mind really.
    pm me pls
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    I am interested please send me the information. Thank you.
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    I'd like to have more information, PM more details!