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    Hmm, I wonder..
    Hey guys, here are a few ways you can use PLR articles to make money. Its just a basic list and would ask if anyone has any other ideas or suggestion to please post them!

    1. Use PLR articles to create web pages
    2. Post them to article directories
    3. Use them to create Squidoo lenses
    4. Post them on your blog
    5. Post them as comments on other people?s blogs (especially those that don?t use rel=?nofollow? in their links, or those that you think will drive a lot of traffic to your site)
    6. Use them to make posts in forums related to your niche
    7. Use them to fill up your auto-responder series, or as content for your newsletter
    8. Use them to compile or create reports or e-books that you can sell or give away
    9. Use them to create a membership site
    10. Use them to create reports or e-books that you put inside the members area of your website (combine 8 and 9 above)
    11. Use them to create audio reports or podcasts - just read the articles aloud and edit the resulting audio
    12. Use them as idea joggers - to get ideas for topics you would like to write about, either in your blog or your web site
    13. Use them to start sites in niches that you know nothing or almost nothing about
    14. Use them for ?bum marketing?
    15. Use them to create offline newsletters (that your customers get in their mailbox)
    Please Add more!!:)

    Please Thank me if you enjoyed!:D
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