ways to get clients for i-phone apps

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    hello, i have a company which develop iphone and ipad apps, they need me to find them customers and businesses who need to get iphone apps done, what are you suggestions on how to find clients, they have 2/3 big fortune 100 companies as clients already, so proving we can make some killer apps wouldnt be a problem, i just need to find ways of getting clients,
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    Find companies that have problems that an app will solve
    and then sell them the solution.
    I personally think apps will come to an end and the most important app
    you will have is the one that deletes apps you don't use.
    I was in Debenhams at Clapham Junction and it came over the tannoy to
    go to their website and install their app to view their entire range.
    If I'm on their website why would I need to install an app to see what should be on their website.
    Oh! So they can spy on me?
    Why did they just not have a QR code at the door that takes you directly to their site
    Where I can see all their stock, a floor layout, order my goods, pay for it, walk up to the check out and pick it up?
    Makes much more sense then installing an app that just takes up space on my phone.
    Apps should be things you use everyday,
    Train times, Bus times, traffic, weather, stocks and shares, Banking,
    Just not Debenhams.
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