Way before I did IM I worked construction

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    Lol, I was just siiting here thinking about when I was 17 and first started working construction. I worked for a stucco company and the first job I worked on was a 25 story building. We were on scafolding on the 14th floor with access to each level from a window (so we didnt have to go all the way down the scafold. I was a helper, so they sent me to the ground to get everything whenever they needed it. I remember about my second or third week, one of the guys messed up something, and he said to me "hey, hurry! run and get me a bucket of steam!" I ran into the building and asked another guy "where can I get a bucket of steam? That idiot messed up the wall!" He said, "You have to get that from the storage shed down stairs". So I went downstairs, and looked in the shed but I couldn't find it. I asked the supervisor where I could get it, and he said "Who asked you to get it?" I said the guy's name, and he said "Tell that asshole to get it himself" So I went all the way back up to tell the asshole to get it himself, and all the other assholes were standing there laughing when I came through the window to the scafold. It was then that it hit me! A bucket of steam? Really? A bucket of STEAM!? I was had! lol :crazy:
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